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ATTENTION! Fraudsters!
SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE LLC warns about the increasing cases of fraud by unknown persons calling themselves representatives of the company.

For persuasiveness they use contact information, established contract forms and details of SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE LLC. When concluding commercial contracts, fraudsters may also offer to make payments to third party accounts.

Please note that the oil company SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE sells the products of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery through Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange and by conducting competitive and tender procedures.

You can familiarize yourself with the products and production on the official website of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery www.annpz.ru.

If you receive suspicious commercial offers on behalf of SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE, please, clarify the information by calling +7 (499) 284-60-90 or inform us by e-mail:



SOCAR ENERGORESOURCE LLC is not responsible for transactions made on behalf of the company by third parties.
Be careful!